Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not so daily after all

I should change the sidebar to "periodic" updates. Yes.

Game logs!

04/18, against Cleveland, 0-3 with a strike out. Nice!
04/19, against Cleveland, 2-3 with a double and a strike out. TWO FOR THREE!!! WOW!
04/20, against Cleveland, 0-1 in his first pinch hitting appearance in a Twins kit.

Year to date: .231/.310/.346

OPS+: 68

Peaking at Monroe's postseason stats, I notice that in the 2006 ALCS, he went 6-14 with 3 walks, a home run, and 4 rbi. .429/.529/.786. A small sample size, yes, but like all hitters, he can get hot in a short series. That does not make him worth 3.8 million dollars however.

Some players (Lew Ford, I am looking at you) can have one good half of a season and use that to keep them in the bigs much, much longer than they deserve to be. C-Mo had one good post season series and turned that into a 3.8 million dollar deal with the Twins. Awesome. Good for him.

Note: Lew Ford finished 24th in the 2004 AL MVP voting. 24th!!! Someone really needs to revoke La Velle's BWAA card.

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