Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey, for the first time since April the 9th, Craig Monroe actually got to use one of his many baseball bats! Hooray!

He even went 2-4 against his former team with an run batted in.

However the Twins' bullpen blew yet another late lead, and the Tigers went on to win 6-5.

Kind of frustrating that the one strength I thought the team had going into the season (bullpen) is the one facet of their game that is faultering right now.

Oh well. They are built to be a .500 baseball team, and they are playing like one.

Anyway: THE STATS:


Six games, 19 at-bats, 4 hits (including 2 doubles), no dingers, 3 rbi, a couple runs scored, three walks, and SEVEN strike outs.

OBP: .318. A solid .15 higher than his career average. Yep, that's right, you think C-Mo sucks now, but he is usually a little bit worse.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Cuddyer comes back, considering the way Span is playing. (.300, .391, .300) Will Craig Monroe be riding the bus back to Rochester? Kubel now owns the DH spot, even against lefties, so unless the Twins front office would prefer Span start everyday, which he would in triple A, the fourth outfielder spot is definitely his.

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