Thursday, November 15, 2007

Okay this is just insane

From the 'a fan's view' blog over at strib:

"Monroe, 30, had good power numbers (89 homers from 2003-06) before tumbling off the cliff (.219/.268/.370/12 HRs) last season, and doing the same kind of vanishing act that was performed by the Tigers on Dmitri Young during 2006. Granted, the cirumstances are different, but these are cases of taking a player with some experience and ability and having Manager Jim Leyland send them into exile.

Young resurfaced and had an excellent 2007 in Washington.

We should hope for the same from Monroe in Minnesota in ‘08."

Full story here:

Okay, where to start:

1. The first comment on the story from reader cmathewson:

"Right on. Some compare this to Batista. I don’t for three reasons. First, Monroe was a good hitter not that long ago. Second, he’s still relatively young. And third, he won’t be expected to play a critical defensive position."

Right on? Seriously? Dude? Second - your three reasons: Monroe was NOT a good hitter not that long ago. In fact, he was never a good hitter. No matter what STATS you use, this is the truth. But maybe you are immortal, and therefore have an odd relationship with time, and define 'not long ago' as 20 years ago when Craig Monroe was in Little League and WAS a good hitter in comparison to the other 10 year olds. Reason #2 Relatively young? He is 31. Sorry, fail, athletes tend to go south after 30. Dudes like Julio Franco are very rare. Reason #3 I will grant you that 3b is far more cruicial and demanding than left field.

2. The body of the entry: 89 homers in four seasons does not equal 'good' power numbers. What planet are you on? And, to reiterate, the dude's lifetime BA is .256!!! He is not a good hitter and will not be a good fit on this team! We. Need. Players. That. Can. Get. On. Base. Not .250/20/85 guys. Holy macaroni I am going hoarse over here.

That is all I can muster right now.

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