Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Good news in the paper this morning:

It seems he is going to have to accept a pay cut or the Twins will non-tender him. Thank goodness. Now we just need to pray that he doesn't accept the deal and goes on his merry way.

Little known fact: Torii Hunter's cousin is career minor leaguer Choo Freeman. Never heard of Choo Freeman? No one has - but in 285 major league at-bats with the Rockies in 04, 05, and 06, Choo's OBP was only 4 points lower than...Craig Monroe's.

Also, last year Craig Monroe struck out in 27% of his at bats. In 2006 it was 23%. In 2005 it was (still not respectable) 17%. As you can see, not only is Craig Monroe not a very good baseball player, but he is getting steadily worse.

In the above article, Monroe mentions that he just didn't get enough at- bats last season 'to get (his) game going'. What the heck? Dude, you had 392 at bats last season. How many does it take you 'to get (your) game going?' 400? 500? If the Twins do sign you (and they better not), at which point can they expect you to start producing? If it takes at least 393 at bats 'to get (your) game going', then can they expect you to stop being really terrible at hitting in, say, late August?

My opinion? It takes at least 568 at-bats 'to get (your) game going'. That is one more AB than your career high in 2005, and since you have always been really awful at baseball, I am can only assume that you have never had enough at bats 'to get your game going'.

Finally, this quote from Mr. Monroe himself: '"I went through a tough period," he said. "All players go through it. I need to go out and prove to myself and everyone in baseball what Craig Monroe can do."' You went through a tough period?

I think you are IN a tough period. A tough period that started when you were born and continues through today. You have never been a good hitter - that is what I am saying here, got it?

Also, no, not all players go through a lifelong period of stinking at playing baseball. There are many, many, many baseball players that are really, really, really good at baseball. You are not one of them.

And finally, yes, you DO need to prove to me and EVERYONE IN BASEBALL that you are not one of the worst players in the game.

And stop taking about yourself in the third person.

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