Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Track record

Tony Batista, career OBP: .299 (Choo Foreman bad)
Rondell White, career OBP: .336 (better, but still below the league median).

What is with the Twins' passion for signing aging players that have never been able to get on base?

You have one of the best pure hitters in the game (Joe Mauer) in your lineup, what you need is guys that can get on base so he can drive them in. Mauer needs to be your RBI guy because all the guy does is hit the baseball really, really well. You need high OBP guys in the lineup if you want to score runs.

It seems the GM's theory is that Joe Mauer is going to get on base, so we need veteran power guys in the lineup to drive him in.

A good theory, but veteran power guys are going to hit .236 with 22 home runs. You're putting the cart before horse. Or something.

My point is: stop ignoring this stat, Twins Execs. Joe Mauer is going to get a lot of base hits, you need to make sure there are dudes on base when he does. He batted .347 in 2006 yet only drove in 84 runs. That is a problem.

Putting a .250/25/80 guy in the five hole doesn't solve anything.

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