Monday, December 3, 2007

Cloudy with a chance of stinking at baseball

Good news here all around, except for the new non-tender deadline. I could have sworn it was the 1st. Oh well.

Whenever I see the words 'cloudy', 'Craig Monroe', and 'contract situation' in the same article, I get really excited.

Not to mention: 'crowded', 'entrenched', and 'limited at bats in the outfield'.

All of this bodes well for us.

From the latest 'Twins Notes' over at

(Oh, and pitchers and catchers report in 74 days. Always good to remember that when it is three degrees outside like it was this morning. )


Contracts, contracts: The acquisition of Delmon Young makes for a crowded situation at the corner outfield spots in Minnesota.

Michael Cuddyer appears entrenched in right field. If the Twins do move Cuddyer, it seems it would be to left field, opening up the spot in right for Young, who has primarily played there. With Jason Kubel as another option as a backup at the corner positions, it's left the Craig Monroe situation a little cloudy.

The Twins have until Dec. 12 to work out a contract with Monroe, whom they acquired in a trade with the Cubs on Nov. 13. But due to the limited at-bats now available in the outfield, there is a possibility that Monroe could be non-tendered.

Smith reiterated Thursday that the team is still interested in talking with Monroe's agent, Adam Katz, but he would not comment on specific contract discussions.

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