Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow and Santana and Kool-Aid

Latest word from the winter meetings down in Memphis is that the Red Sox are really close to getting Santana, but without having to give up Jacoby Ellsbury.

Now, personally, I have not tasted the Jacoby Ellsbury kool-aid (though I must admit it looks really freaking delicious) - I mean, the dude has only played in 33 major leage games. That is just too small of a sample size for me to be comfortable basing a trade of such magnitude on.

The dude, yes, has a extremely high ceiling, but so did Marty Cordova.

All that said, and despite the fact that I have loved, loved, LOVED watching Santana over the past few years, it would be totally freaking sweet to have Ellsbury on our squad.

I will be totally bummed if he was left off the deal.

An outfield of Cuddyer, Ellsbury and Delmon Young. A nice core to open Wells Fargo Park in 2010.

And then there is our 2008 opening day lineup (w/ some holes, of course)

SS (probably that Harris kid from Tampa)

I like it.

What's that old Honus Wagner quote?

"People ask me what I do in the winter. I'll tell you what I do: I stare out the window and wait for spring."


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